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    Dinosaur Dracula!


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    Dinosaur Dracula! Empty Dinosaur Dracula!

    Post  SyntheticPaper on Fri Jun 01, 2012 2:19 pm

    So a few months ago my very favorite website (more than neopets?? Surprised … it's a completely different type of site, not a game or anything like that, you just read on it) ever shut down and life was very sad Sad. Now admittedly the site was known for taking very long hiatus', but it always sprang back up during Halloween and Christmas times. Not this time though, it died right in the middle of the Christmas season, thus ruining Christmas for everyone. Sad. But now it's back! Under a different name. (and no, it was not a porn site, despite what the name makes everyone, including my school, who had it blocked, think. it was basically a retro '80s based toy / movies / tv / candy / cereal site) is back under the name, and all is right with the world yet again. Hopefully Matt won't take quite as many season long breaks now that he has this new name and site, but as long as he shows up from October - January I will be happy.

    (note: he has a tendency to swear (usually for humorous effect), but there is nothing else offensive about either this site or but if swearing bugs you, you might want to skip it.)

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    Post  Lenny59 on Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:18 am

    That is very cool, Raven - I went and got lost for several hours.....and will return. Thanks! MUCH FUN!! Loved The Dark Carnival - takes me back....

    Check out the art of MonaVx - search the name...and no, that's NOT a skull.

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