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    Glitch - Game Empty Glitch - Game

    Post  Kayse on Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:34 am

    Hiya Guys.
    Not sure if anyone would be interested but I have been on and off a new game called Glitch.
    Its a pretty laid back game with a great community. I'd love to see you guys there sometime.

    This a link to my signup page if you wanted to have a look around. =) You can start playing without creating an account just to see if you like it then later you can make an account if you would like.

    I get nothing from you signing up other then you will automatically become my friend. If you would prefer you can go straight to the website and do it all that way then find me ingame as Arsura. Jolz also plays with UN Jolz so feel free to find him too.

    No obligations just thought it may be something you guys are interested in.
    I'd also be happy to come give some items as a start up kit to get you going. =)

    If you decide to give it a look at let me know.

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