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    I wanna do trades tooooo!


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    I wanna do trades tooooo! Empty I wanna do trades tooooo!

    Post  SyntheticPaper on Fri Dec 07, 2012 2:10 am

    So I am watching all these trades and games that go along with them and thinking how fun they are and I want to do some too ... and I have a fun and unique game to go along with it! Smile

    "Raven's Petpet Rescue Society"

    In Neopia today there are literally millions of homeless little petpets ... lost ... sad ... frightened. Maybe they were caught whilst fishing, perhaps they came from the Fruit Machine, but wherever they came from, the sad fact is, there just aren't enough pets for all of these petpets

    Just think of their poor, digitally rendered faces when they are thrown to the money tree, surrounded by shards of shiny obsidian and piles of rainbow coloured dung. Who will take them home? No one knows, not even the Neopian who blindly clicks on the first thing he or she see's.

    But I can help, I have an unlimited Safety Deposit Box, which I already call the sanctuary. Yes, while my gallery may be filled to overflow with petpets my SDB has even more ... happy, joy filled petpets, leaping and playing amongst the mountains of lime jelly and key rings.

    You can also help! I shall put up a trade filled with marvelous, magical items, guaranteed to put a smile on even the most melancholy of faces. All I ask for in exchange is a petpet of my choosing. But I am getting old you know, and sometimes I can't remember all of their names, so I shall simply describe the petpet to the best of my ability. Let's say I wanted a Ghoti, I would say something like this: "I would like an underwater petpet, which is an enchanting shade of orange with the loveliest of markings upon its back. It actually appears to literally fly under the waves as it moves from place to place. They have a face, which while perhaps not fitting everyone's description of "cute" actually looks quite nice, with large, dark eyes and delicate little tentacles".

    And so, I would give a general, but fairly detail description of the petpet and the first person to offer it as a trade would win the trade. Sound fun? I thought it might be cool anyway. Smile

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    I wanna do trades tooooo! Empty Re: I wanna do trades tooooo!

    Post  Lenny59 on Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:47 pm

    YES!!! An unequivocal YES. If Kathy or Aurelia have a problem with it, tell them to talk to me! lol! What a great idea, and SO much fun. I don't know if we should release the info, but there's an AWESOME petpet site at 100bottles hope that helps...

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    I wanna do trades tooooo! Empty Re: I wanna do trades tooooo!

    Post  orilla on Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:35 pm

    I love the idea of getting to play games instead of doing them for awhile so I do NOT have a problem with it, The more games the better I like it!! Do some now!! Very Happy

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    I wanna do trades tooooo! Empty Re: I wanna do trades tooooo!

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