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    UGH! I just don't get how some kids are raised!


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    UGH! I just don't get how some kids are raised!

    Post  Kathleen on Sun May 06, 2012 2:19 pm

    Our nearest neighbor is over a mile away, its an older couple who "rent" their farmland out to a co-op. They are sooo sweet and kind... we met their grandchildren yesterday (thats where Iwas in the afternoon/evening) and they were nice when we were introduced at the grocery store, and again when I introduced them to Mason and I even let Mason stay over there to play for an hour with them. Mason is 4, their grandsons are 5,6,8 and their granddaughter is 10. I went to get Mason and he seemed grumpy but wouldn't tell me what was up. I figured he was just tired. Eve said they just played and played outside and she heard them laughing and screaming. I was a little worried because I found out she didn't actually stay outside with them. Adam or I are ALWAYS outside with the kids when playing. But, then I invited those kids over this morning and they played ok outside with Mason and I took them home and I was inside with Eve, the kids were supposed to be in the kitchen eating cookies. Guess what? Next thing you know Mason is crying and running into where I was, the older granddaughter said he fell in the kitchen and that was it while the youngest boy tried to tell me something about outside, but I took Mason home. Mason finally calmed down enough to tell me that she had made them all go outside to eat cookies and then when Mason went to come inside she ran in and shut the glass door on him and he ran into it, fell back and landed on his bum on the cement block, then called him a baby for crying. Needless to say I called and said that something came up and I couldnt come get them to come over tonight :k


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    Re: UGH! I just don't get how some kids are raised!

    Post  Dove on Sun May 06, 2012 4:02 pm

    Oh wow, that's absolutely terrible Kathy! =/

    When I teach camps at the barn, some of the kids are just ridiculous... There was this one girl about five or six, who would tell off other camps kids' parents! Needless to say, there was often times where she would be taken aside from the group and have a conversation about being nice to other people...


    Re: UGH! I just don't get how some kids are raised!

    Post  Guest on Sun May 06, 2012 5:32 pm

    Thats terrible. I'd go absolutly mental if it were Andy who did something about that. Then again hes going to grow up knowing mum and dad are boss. I dont want any attitude.

    I was an awful kid, though that was nothing to do with my parents. I went out one night and got in with my step sisters crowd. They wernt very nice people. I wanted to fit in so I started acting up like they did.

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    Re: UGH! I just don't get how some kids are raised!

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