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Memorable Zaps is a guild on Neopets that is 18+, Semi-Lit, Adoption/Zapping.

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    Post  Kathleen on Mon May 14, 2012 7:19 pm

    Have an issue with an adopter?

    Current List of Banned Adopters:

    Great_Great_Nate, aka poogle_lover_61

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    Post  Lenny59 on Mon May 21, 2012 5:42 pm

    Here I am going to keep a list of non-guild folks who listed pets, and then did something bad enough that I will no longer accept listings from them. And who I will think twice about letting adopt any pet of mine. It will be updated as necessary.

    Banned Listers:

    great_great_nate - belonged to guild in the beginning, adopted a pet of Kathy's and promptly magma'd it, then adopted another pet, I don't remember whose, and pounded it. We threw him out, he tried to rejoin under an alias...and I just checked on the pet he had adopted from me, a Desert Lenny named Kali_x13 - she's now with a new owner, and is a kau Sad

    oatmealcarrot - listed pet Des_loves, then pounded 3 days later. Sad

    driftie, buddha_, arctic_wolf__ - Listed my dreamie pet, Conquerors the Fae Kougra, then transferred to their own side, I'm pretty sure, and reported as adopted on their own UFA page, here: I applied twice for this pet, once from my zap account, when it was listed, and once just a couple days ago from KougraNation, where it would have lived. Never received a reply at all. Originally wanted me to list about 5 pets, all on different accounts, but said they couldn't be bothered to send NM's from the different accounts, so I agreed to list only the Kougra, which was on Driftie at the time. Just today it was transferred to buddha_ Sad (5-25) Update 5-29, now the pet is on a different account. Something strange going on there...

    the_dark_xweetok - Just today, tried to list a pet in the pound!! DUH!!! Too stupid to own pets!! Sad (5-25) (see screenie below) deleted.

    normen33 - Listed 2 pets 6-18, all fine thru last update on 10th July. Today (7-14), one's adopted, one's in the pound! Yarrgh.

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    Post  cosira on Mon May 21, 2012 11:18 pm

    thanks for the heads up

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