Memorable Zaps Guild

Memorable Zaps Guild

Memorable Zaps is a guild on Neopets that is 18+, Semi-Lit, Adoption/Zapping.

    Welcome Guildies / Please Read


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    Welcome Guildies / Please Read Empty Welcome Guildies / Please Read

    Post  Lenny59 on Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:43 pm

    Greetings, guildies, and welcome to our Secret Lab!

    Kathy and I decided we needed a way for council, and other guildies, to communicate a little more freely than we are allowed to on Neo.

    That being said, we DO expect everyone to remain civil, courteous, not spam, not beg, and all the usual stuff. The occasional mild curse word will be tolerated (by me, anyway, I cannot speak for Kathy), just behave as you would if you were in Neo, with a lot less hyper-filter action happening! cheers

    There is a gallery where you can post pictures, a calendar, you can do cool things with your profile.

    If you would like to discuss real life, you can do that! The other 'Open Chat - Real' topic is the place for that:)

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